Experienced Portrait and Documentary Freelance Photographer, using Leica cameras and working in Los Angeles and California.

Currently working with:
– Not-for-profits in Los Angeles and San Diego
– Businesses – from small start-ups to international corporations
– A range of sectors: acting, modelling, fashion, and fitness – in the US and the UK.

I’m a relaxed and friendly person who likes to keep shoots simple, often on-location with natural light, creating beautiful and meaningful photographs.

Contact me anytime to brainstorm ideas and explore whether I’d be the right fit for your project - personal, family or commercial, with a limited budget or an unlimited one!


"It's hard to tell stories, it really is. The way you've been able to capture the environment of Classroom Champions kids and schools makes telling those stories easy for us. The emotion that you've been able to bring out in the work we do helps us express to the world how we're changing lives one child, and one classroom, at a time. Thank you!"

Steve Mesler
Co-founder, President & CEO, Classroom Champions
Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion
U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors


Model Stories

Not For Profit


“As a teacher, that is exactly how you see your kids -- that bright countenance, clear expressions, warm lighting. You look at them and see all the possibility of a lifetime just stuffed into those small bodies, but somehow other people look at them and don't see that. You've managed to capture the way their teachers see them perfectly.”

Heatherle Chambers, Education Development Manager, Classroom Champions